Wednesday, December 1, 2010

JOGJAKARTA in the eye of InfraRed

Here are some photos I took when I was in Jogjakarta. I used Sony Alpha 100 with InfraRed Modification (Dibyo's Goldie Version) altogether with some Minolta lenses (Minolta AF 100mm f/2 and Minolta AF Macro 50mm f/2.8).

Enjoy and have a very good day...

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sale: Carl Zeiss Biotar 58mm f/2 10 Blade M42 Mount (SOLD)

This is a very beautiful lens in terms of body and optics. The body is in EXC++ condition only show a very few signs of use. The front optic is very pristine. The rear optic only shows a little coating spot which is not affecting the result. The diaphragm moves nicely at every aperture position. The diaphragm control ring turns smoothly and accurate. The focusing is smooth and precise.

The lens comes with F&R Caps.

Please see the images:

Please see these pictures which were taken with this lens:

Please see the review for this lens here and here

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Here are a few shots from the event which was held on 5-6-7 March 2010 in Jakarta.

Monday, September 28, 2009

M42 Lens for sale: Mamiya Sekor 55mm f/1.8 (SOLD)

As a reputable Medium Format Brand, Mamiya always provide a high-quality equipments in order to sustain in the marketplace. But, as we may have been aware that Mamiya also released several lenses to be used in 35mm formats, with M42 mount.

Offering a Mamiya Sekor 55mm f/1.8. The physical condition is Excellent with both caps. The glass are pristine, but a few usage marks are visible within the barrel.

Letting go the lens at IDR 1.300.000,- (equals to $130 or S$186)

please write:

The physical condition of the item and the pictures taken with this particular lens, can be viewed below:

M42 Lens for sale: Beriflex 100mm f/2.8 rare white lens (SOLD)

One more rare lens to let go: Beriflex 100mm f/2.8 excellent + condition, comes with both caps and lens case. This lens is a rare version of Beroflex 100mm f/2.8. The lens was made in Japan and the elements are free from all defects (fungus, fog, scratches).

let go at IDR 1.700.000,- (Equals to USD170 or S$245)

Please write to:

Please view the physical condition of the item, and the pictures taken with this lens attached to Sony Alpha 900.

These are the pictures taken with the lens attached to Sony Alpha 900:

Saturday, September 26, 2009

M42 Lens for sale: PORST 24mm f/2.5 (SOLD)

Although the lens seems to be "Made in Japan" the brand "Porst" is German. Actually it's the name of a photographic shop (Foto Porst) and equipment retailer, also offering development and printing.

Please klik

klik Homepage (German) if you want to see the home of Porst

This lens seems to be made for the German market, hence the print "Extrem-WW" which is German for "extreme wide angle".

This lens is in excellent condition with flawless glass..Please view the physical condition of the item, and the pictures taken with this lens attached to Sony Alpha 900.

It is being sold altogether with the Front and Rear Caps, for IDR 2.500.000 (equals with US$250 or S$380)

Please write to:

Below are the samples of the pictures taken by this lens with Sony Alpha 900: